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Good info Jack, and i get ya, you are right on all of that!

tbh, we model doctrinal differences in WW2 by relying on the players, not a ton of rules

And that is what I have encountered in almost all rules. It puts the onus of learning how the unit they are using operated on the player, but it only really works if they are willing to do the research or already have a lot of military history knowledge and commit to using their forces in historically accurate manner. Otherwise you get a lot of what I have seen in “gamey” games like FoW where players use Soviet Conscript forces like breakthrough Panzer companies. Now, of course, I am overtired and may not be making a lick of sense and may even…

FOW does of course have all sorts of special rules for different units and nationalities, partly for ‘flavour’, but also (at least originally, it may have changed, I haven’t looked at their rules for at least 5 years) to try to incorporate some of those differences into the game, rather than relying upon the players innate knowledge. Of course they then get called gamey for doing so! (not a criticism of your perfectly valid comment BTW).

Then there are rules like Rapid Fire, which to me don’t have any national distinguishing features.


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