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I apologize for going on a tangent from the OP. Paddy Griffith’s “A Book of Sandhurst Wargames” included a WWII infantry squad level cardboard miniatures game “Men Against Fire”, written to illustrate SLA Marshall’s theories, that limited the players’ information about the tactical situation to what a real-world squad leader might know. Checkitout:



Never played it, just skimmed through my copy a few times. (Most of my games are in that condition. Cut, never played. Sigh.) It would be easy to play with 3D miniatures, but the benefit would mostly be for the umpire and any onlookers, since the players aren’t supposed to look at the game…

Hey, lookee, I found a detailed AAR for a game! The GM didn’t bother even with the cardboard miniatures. He played the whole game on graph paper, since none of the players could see the game anyway. This illustrates the conflict in goals between realistically simulating imperfect information for wargamers, and playing a game with a moving diorama of toy soldiers.


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