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John D Salt

Getting up and down from kneeling and lying is considerably harder than it was, so the “wargame in the open air”, last time I tried it, required the presence of young helpers to do the actual moving of the troops. Last time I tried Fletcher Pratt’s naval rules, at a CALF plenary game many years ago, it was remarkably hard on the knees (and harder still on the temper, when one of the umpires was yelling at me to finish my firing plot, blithely ignoring my protestations that he was fouling the range and he would get his plot after he got out of the way). Given how much I have always disliked Fletcher Pratt’s naval rules as a set to actually play (and also for their malign influence on naval wargaming ever since), the excuse of weak knees is an excellent one to avoid ever having to play them again.

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