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I can’t take credit for the idea, since it’s been around for over 20 years, but cheers anyway 🙂 It is a nice color scheme either way! I’d love to see some of your mechs when you feel they are ready to be shown off!

Well I haven’t ordered any Mecha Front yet. But I think I definitely will. The two Hawk WG walkers I have are the start and I will but adding a few more from their range. Also I’ve got some 6mm merc walkers from Brigade and looking to add a few of their 15mm range walkers with it. I’m quite interested how the two will scale up together. The 6mm being light scout and the 15mm being the heavy stuff.

So yeah, I will be on to my big stompy robots project soon. Furthermore while I’m on here waffling away. I’m looking at Startport Scum. Just downloaded it and started reading through. Might incorporate it into some sort of mech game or something.