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So I’m trying to line up games that can be learned easily, have a lot of flavor, and play fast for Big Stompy Robots (or, alternately, Big Crushy Supertanks). What I want is for the Mecha/Supertanks to be vastly superior to “conventional” units. So much so that an army could be built around a single Mech or small group of them, with a pile of conventional units to whiz around as the big ones stride forward on their missions of destruction.  

I like what you’re thinking there. I’m thinking of something similar and just looking how to interface the big super have stuff into conventional forces. At the moment I’m looking at Starport Scum, haven’t fully analysed it yet. But I think it could work for big overpowered units. By simply cherry picking the bits I want and adapt it according.

Dont know about BSR games so much though.

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