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Angel Barracks

I was not altogether happy with the way the turn sequence worked, so have changed it, rather than e-mail another copy I am summarising it here:

A turn ends when all the groups have spent as many available Vitality point from their available pool as they wish.

To begin a turn roll a d6 and add the value of all the available Vitality of the groups on your side.

Erland has an available Vitality pool of 6, so he rolls a d6 and adds 6 to the result.
The other side has 2 groups of 2 bandits, each bandit has 2 available Vitality, so they roll a d6 and add 8 to the result.

The highest rolling player may choose a group from their side and spend as many available Vitality points as they wish.
Once they have finished with that group, they then choose another group, once they have spent as many available as they wish from all their groups, play passes to the other player.

Example, in the above situation Erland rolls 5 and adds 6 making a total of 11. The bandits roll 4 and add 8 making a total of 12.
So the bandits get to go first. The bandit player chooses the group furthest from Erland and spends all of their available Vitality on moving tasks. The player then chooses the other group and spends 1 of their available vitality on a moving task and they leave 1 point in their pool and pass the turn to Erland

There may be situations where you need to act first and don’t want to rely on the random aspect of the dice roll.
In this case a hero may spend up to 1 Vitality from their available pool before the turn begins and use this to add an extra d6 to their initiative roll, this must done before the initial roll.

So as above where Erland has 6 available Vitality he adds 6 to the d6 roll. However he really needs to get into the temple before the bandits attack, he needs to go first. So he spends an available Vitality point and rolls 2d6 and adds 6.