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Hiay all,

Decided to take a few pics of everything I’ve painted in the past year…here’s what i wrote on the blog:

I’m starting to get my brain into gear for this season of Lead Painters’ League on LAF (assuming it’s on this year), and that got me thinking about everything I’ve produced since the start of the last one.

One of the things I enjoyed about LPL was that the ‘pressure’ of keeping up a consistent flow of minis at a high standard (debatable) forced me to learn a few things – it’s where I started pushing my highlights further, using less washes and more layering (because of the drying time) and got my desert basing formula down to a tee. It’s really where my consistent 15mm Sci-Fi project ‘started’.
Admittedly it’s not the most minis in the world, and I’m sure there’s painters out there who could produce this in a month (though, in all fairness, it’s not the only stuff I’ve painted) but it’s a nice and consistent cast of minis, which is all I wanted it to be. So this year, there’ll be plenty more 15mm sci-fi groups, plus a lot more 15mm Fantasy.

Here’s the fantasy batch (not the easiest thing to take pics of):

and I’ll be posting my sci-fi batch on my other thread: http://www.thewargameswebsite.com/forums/topic/jagannaths-15mm-sci-fi/