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Well there’s a flying ape demon in Queen of the Black Coast and some were/dire hyenas.

Then there’s giant snakes, grey apes, various big cats, thunder lizards(flightless dragon/T-rex), living statues(both stone and iron) and a whole bunch of summoned creatures(demons,elementals,ghost…)

Also various eldritich Lovecraftian horrors.

Fish/snake men, vampires…

And of course anything from lowly highway robbers to ninja/jedi assasins and all kinds of sorcery types.

Oh and Tower of the Elephant has a giant spider.

As you are doing more of an arabian adventure I’d add (giant)scorpions, djinn and/or efreet and sand snakes/worms.

Maybe throw in some stats for a camel to, you know sooner or later someone is going to want to try and clobber one.

Well that’s it of the top of my head, if I think of any more I’ll let you know.




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