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Thank you very much fellows, I’m pleased you like them.

I’m not sure about the mounted archers either Guy, I might be on a wild goose chase.  Here’s my thinking so far. 

Both sides had them, they had horses and bows and dismounted to use them.  The French ones were well on their way to becoming the equivalent of the English Demi-Lancer.  The English ones simply don’t survive the introduction of firearms.  In the old days the drill was as you say, ride up, dismount and fight your bit of the battle.  The horses going off to the baggage.

Which brings us to Lion Rampant which is not intended as a big battle rule set.  There isn’t a camp or baggage train to send the horses off to.  So I wondered just how mounted infantry archers would operate at a Lion Rampant level.  The Mounted Yeoman category seems to be intended for skirmishing bow armed light horse like Turcomen or some Mongols.  Our lads don’t do that so I looked to a compromise.  Two things were uppermost in my mind.  Firstly the lads would not be willing to lose their horses and secondly a unit of very mobile fast shooting archers with powerful bows would be a sort of super troop and would unbalance the game.  To avoid that I will have them effectively shooting at half strength as the other half are securing the horses.

I may be over complicating things but there’s nothing like trying stuff out on the tabletop to find out.   There will be pics!