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Roger Calderbank

Yes, very nice figures indeed.

I understand your thinking about mounted archers. I see that The Pikeman’s Lament treats dragoons as similar to mounted yeomen, so isn;t a help with you want. It will be interesting to see if 6 dice for shooting works, or just makes them ineffective. One other possibility is to introduce a dismount/mount action (7+?). That would limit by delay the unit’s ability to switch between shooting well and moving rapidly. Also, if they have 6 dice to shoot, but 12 to melee, they are pretty good cavalry, perhaps better than you have described them to be. You could say that they shoot/melee with 3 fewer figures than are present, so are at half strength after losing 3 figures. You then have a unit which starts well but rapidly decreases in effectiveness when it has suffered a few casualties.

It is one of the (many) good things about Lion Rampant that it is easy to tweak unit characteristics to get what you think is right.