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My very lovely Crom’s Anvil order arrived – actually wish I’d ordered a touch more!

I want to make a board with a central cobbled(ish) road, something like the road on this:

or the cobbled bits from Matakishi’s excellent Agon board here:

My thinking being that if I scatter a few ruined columns around, we’ve suddenly got an ancient temple site, where as if I place my buildings around, it’s the road through town.

The tricky bit that that I’d like it to run corner to corner – I always think that terrain set up on the diagonal looks better… BUT that makes part 3 of my current terrain plan tricky…

I want the big mycenean gateway from Baueda

For fights outside the gates of ancient city states – it might be harder to get that to sit if I model the road on at a diagonal. TO be honest these flat art panel boards are so cheap and easy to store, maybe I’ll just make a seperate one for the city gates (with the wall and gates permanently stuck on). Decisions!

First though, I need to build my town!

By the way, I bought a lovely cart from Donnington New Era, which I was going to link to, but the site is down :/