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Dave, thanks for your kind words and for giving this thread a bump. I find that my players enjoy my games more when I have the scenario worked out, planes, flight stands and paraphernalia already set up when they arrive, and their log sheets filled out for them.

I don’t have a photo gallery or blog. I’m technically behind the times, I’m not even a good photographer, but I’m working on my skills. Here’s a link to the What’s On Your Painting Desk? thread.  On page 7, half-way down the page is a post where I’ve showcased some models I finished in January. Those pix are better than the ones from my game in November.

What's on your painting desk/table/corner

I’m proud of the planes in that post because I painted them myself. I must admit that I didn’t paint a single model in the Hankow game. I acquired them all from gamers selling their collections, except for the three silver Nells, which I bought from I-94 Hobbies. I describe my collection as  ‘6mm scale’. I own a lot of both 1/300 and 1/285 models, but there are also items in scales as big as 1/260 and as small as 1/350. I’m not fussy, especially if I can get decent pre-paints in close to the right scale, like some from Merit and Corgi.

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