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My apologies. My knowledge of Fantasy literature is clearly woeful. However, 8 legs seems to be redundant to any terrestrial* animal….

Spiders and scorpions tend to get a bit upset if you snip off their legs.

Apologies. I should perhaps have written “terrestrial vertebrates” have 4 legs or the vestigial remnants of same.

So why, on earth, do all vertebrates have but 4 appendages? For vertebrates, four limbs is the pattern that won out through evolution. The lobe-finned fishes that first started climbing out of the water had four fins, which evolved into four limbs on early tetrapods. Why were four limbs better than six? As far as I know, nobody knows. Maybe it was more efficient in some way? Whatever the reason, the four-limbed template won, and the descendants of those four-finned fishes now rule the world.

So turning to Mars, I would like to know what evolutionary advantage extra sets of limbs bestows? A larger heart to allow greater blood flow & a larger brain to control & co-ordinate the movement of limbs would be necessary. Both are “expensive” in terms of evolutionary change. So what is the advantage?

I’m afraid I cannot bring myself to believe that multi-legged lions live on Mars despite the seemingly compelling evidence provided by the two pictures.

I assume photo shop or some other tricksy device?