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Just Jack

John – I talked to the owner, Crescent Root’s 15mm will be back soon. They’re re-tooling, using a lot more 3D printing. You’ll see some of their new 3D printed stuff in the batrep I post tonight.

And what the hell are you talking about, Cubans chewed up Cubans?

Vicki – That’s why you’re my favorite! 😉

See, John, she actually reads the stuff! She’s all up on South Leon, the FLA, etc…  I’m still amazed anyone actually reads my crap, and incredibly flattered! 😉

Regarding quality difference (or parity, in this case), here’s my concept, they are currently equals on the battlefield because:

1) The FLA is battle hardened after years of war.

2) While not super well organized or lavishly equipped, they have a semblance of a command structure, have decent weapons and equipment, and are well supplied by their benefactors to the north.

3) The Cubans here are Army, not Marines 😉

4) This Cuban unit is not yet battle tested.  Their company commander and a smattering of NCOs fought in the War of Liberation, but the other Lieutenants (and Espinale is about to be promoted to Captain) and most of the troops are boots seeing their first action.  So they’ll get better as they gain more experience (and I’m not just saying that, I mean that in terms of game mechanics).

The characters you are getting introduced to here in Operation Geronimo will be the core of the group when I take this in a new direction: if you saw my update on painting the other day (on Blackhawkhet, with the Soviet aircraft and all the 10mm modern French in the box), I’ll be moving TF Hawk to northeastern South Leon, and I’ll be playing some reinforced platoon/short company-level games, back to my War of Liberation roots.

Again, I’m flattered anyone would be depraved enough to get immersed in my goofy little world, to the point they know the lingo and can tell if and when there are quality differences! 😉