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“Yes, I like free stuff!”

It is funny, but I HAVE heard people say “oh, i won’t buy form that site because it’s just one guy and not a real company” as if being a one-man-show was something bad.  I’d have to think that those sort of people must have a very narrow interest as well as a very narrow retail presence.
For DSG I do use “we”, even though I an the sole proprietor.  It is both to seem “larger”, but also because it does take more than just little ol’ me to get the product out.  I sometimes hire people to sculpt things I either do not have the skill to do or do not have time to get to it.  Then there’s also the mold makers and resin castor and 3d printer guy.  I can spin metal all day but have yet to master making and cutting molds.  These people may not be stake holders in the company, nor my direct employees, but they are integral to my operations.  Should they count towards the “we”?  I dunno.  What says the crowd?

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."