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Chris Pringle

What’s most important is that the game acts as a focal point to start up conversations with fellow gamers/visitors. During the day, I don’t care that much whether the game “proceeds” at a steady pace. The purpose of the game is not to play the game, it’s to invite other gamers to start talking about wargaming / the ruleset in use / the period / life in general.

Well, yes and no (for me). Yes, in that our attitude is that first and foremost we are there to entertain. If that means letting the game sit for a while because passing punters want to chat, great, we want to meet people and we like to have a good natter.

That said, part of the entertainment value for people who’ve joined in as players is that the game should move along quickly enough to keep things interesting; and of course that is one of the key selling points of BBB, that the action is pretty fast and furious. So I tend to run games at quite a high tempo.

But of course it all depends what the people on the day want, and we go at whatever pace everyone is comfortable with. And we’re always ready to down tools and talk with whoever comes by.