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Tony Hughes

I’ve done a few with our local group, a few with just another mate and a couple solo, have also done a display stand to encourage interest in small scale wargaming (1/6000 up to 10mm).

The last was probably the best I ever did, we couldn’t get away from the stand and even roping in mates, who came to the show as punters, to help we still had people queuing up to chat about parts of the display or rules or sources of figures.

Participation games have gone well. I was ill prepared for one due to the other half of the team moving away at short notice and me being too stubborn to cancel, even though it was obvious I couldn’t do it alone. The other was spoiled by a miserable sod who did nothing but moan and criticise the rules when he was clearly using suicidal tactics – never did one of those again.

I haven’t done one for nearly 10 years now, probably getting a bit long in the tooth to expend the energy it takes.