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I’m still trying to work this one out but I mainly deal with it by maintaining a healthy state of denial. As long as I don’t look in the attic and cupboards that are stuffed with unused gaming supplies, I can pretend they don’t exist. More seriously, I am considering clearing out all my 28mm figures and terrain, moving to solely 15mm for skirmish and sticking with 6mm for big battles. That would clear out a fair chunk of space. Reducing the overall number of different projects would be a positive move too. Greater focus might also mean getting to grips with rules sets and playing them more than once. Also, I have stopped buying figures because I was not painting them. This has seriously helped stop additional storage problems.

One area that I am keen to pursue is using an old TV as a gaming surface. If I can get a large enough TV (I’m thinking 2′ width by 2’+ length) at a price I can afford, then I can make a┬ádigital games table and display the base terrain on it, instead of using all the terrain tiles I currently own. I think I worked out that a 52″ TV would be enough for this. That will make for a huge space saving, and an even bigger one if I can persuade myself to play solely on 2D digital terrain.

On the books front, I have a lack of shelves problem, not a too many books problem.

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