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Angel Barracks

Resin is more time consuming to cast.
A mould of 6mm figures will get me 30 metal figures cast in a matter of minutes.
A single resin building could take say 10 minutes or so.
If someone wants 30 resin buildings, you could be talking a day or two, unless I have duplicate moulds made.

If you muck up the metal casting, you melt it back down and start again.
You can’t do that resin, though I will sometimes chop up a miscast resin model and drop it into a mould of a bigger resin piece.
I have sent out Crom’s Anvil models that have small 6mm sci-fi hovercars inside them!

I don’t sculpt the people myself, but I have asked for corrections and they are done.
I understand that green stuff may be harder to correct as that cures as you go, but some sculpting materials need to be baked to cure, as such they may be easier to fix?

Buildings are different, depends what sort of cock up you make.
Cut the doorway in the wrong place and you may well have to start that wall again, not such an issue if the first thing you did was the door.

Casting in metal requires spin casting equipment and so on.
Resin casting requires no special equipment, however to avoid air bubbles and holes appearing in resin (not an issue with molten metal) then a pressure pot or a vacuum chamber or similar is needed.
I do not have either so carefully try to poke the bubbles out before the resin sets, if any holes do appear and I deem them unsightly I will fill them with green stuff.
If they are too bad I will not sell that model.

Resin moulds wear out more quickly than metal ones.
I have yet to need to replace a mould for my figures, but have replaced many many resin moulds.

Most of my resin buildings break even after a few sales.
I sculpt them myself, make the moulds myself and cast them myself.
Figures however take many more sales to break even.
Don’t think my Crom’s Anvil figures have broken even yet..
Hence why with both AB and CA I make more resin items.