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Ivan Sorensen

Are there any particular growth areas in the industry currently? I am thinking of new geographical locations or new demographics.

My take:

Demographics is one of those topics that tends to get people angry and shouting but I assume we’re all adults here… market to people who aren’t white dudes.

Women, POC etc. play board games, they play RPG’s, they play card games.
So figure out why they aren’t buying toy soldiers and there’s a lot of untapped money waiting for you.

If it’s a question just of presentation, then one of the big glossy book companies will figure it out.
If it’s a question of topic…well, we have literally all of time and space to work with.

I think overlaps between wargaming and other game styles is also a market that has a ton of potential for someone to step into.
Mini’s games that have aspects of RPG or card games (or the other way around). Board games that play like a mini’s game etc.

There’s games that explore that space, but I think there’s still a lot of unrealized potential there.

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