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McCallum held Daniels as he injected another vile of GX gel into her. For a moment it seemed to be working. She looked looked up with weak eyes and shook her head.
“Sor…sorry….boss. Haaaave to sssit…….this one…..out”
“Try not to talk” replied McCallum
Then she died in McCallum’s arms.

Ritter and Maine came running over and Maine tapped McCallum’s arm.
“I’m sorry” he said.

Before McCallum could issue further orders an energy shot hit Ritter. The effect was delayed as Ritter’s minigun took the brunt of the energy. The weapon quickly started to degrade and fall to dust. It was the second and last PHR soldier!

Ritter knew he was done for. He could feel the pain stabbing away in his chest cavity. He could feel his breathing becoming harder. He reached into his vest and pulled out a grenade and looked at both McCallum and Maine.
“Run you fools” He says

While he still had strength in his legs he rushed towards the PHR solider. He primed the grenade and throw back his arm. Before he had chance to throw it a second energy burst hit him. It proved fatal and Ritter collapsed dead.

Maine looked in horror.
“Noooooo” he screams
But what he didn’t see was the grenade which Ritter had dropped!

The blast threw Maine into a pile of snow. McCallum on the other hand, was more prepared for the blast. He throw himself down and escaped the worst of it. He was soon on his feet and took in the scene. Maine was lying facedown in the snow and not moving. Ritter and Daniels were dead and the PHR soldier was coming towards him! The only weapon he had on him was his pistol.

He drew it and emptied the magazine at the PHR soldier. It seemed to of done very little. Then the huge soldier stopped! To McCallum’s surprise he turned away!

What McCallum couldn’t see was Johanson! He had targeted and fired at the PHR soldier. Which, although had little effect stoping him, did get his attention.
When Johanson energy burst hit the PHR soldier stopped targeting McCallum and selected Johanson as the priority target!

The PHR soldier looked through his weapon sights and fired at Johanson. The burst hit him and Johanson collapsed into the snow.

McCallum needed a weapon and though that his best chance was the armoury in the Ice Station. Taking advantage of the distraction he ran into the Ice Station and straight to the door of the armoury. But it was locked! Then McCallum remembered seeing the access keycard on the plotting table in the Command and Control room. He run into the C&C, grabbed the keycard from the plotting table and turned to exit. There….standing in the doorway was the PHR solider!

McCallum stared into the white faceless figure staring back at him. It was like a Mexican stand off. McCallum standing there with his pistol in hand, hanging down at one side. The PHR soldier with his weapon hanging down at one side.
As the huge figure started to enter the room. McCallum made a dash and took the only available cover behind the plotting table. The PHR soldier turned and raised his weapon!

Suddenly the room erupted in MG fire! Rounds shot in from the passage way. Screens shattered and consoles exploded. Round after round slammed into the PHR soldier! Most were soaked up by his shields. Then…..several rounds hit his suit as his shields failed. Badly wounded he crumpled to the floor!

McCallum peeped over the plotting table as it flicked and flashed. He couldnt work out who was firing…Then….

The AB drone entered the room. It’s twin MG’s still smoking. Woods’s looked at the screen from his position up on the plateau. He saw the PHR soldier then he panned the camera around and caught sight of McCallum.
“Howdy there boss” he says, joyfully.
Their comms were still down so McCallum couldn’t hear Woods’s talking.
“Sorry boss…a bit late I know”
McCallum looked at the drone and into the camera lens and smiled.

Then the PHR soldier started to climb slowly to his feet. McCallum stared in horror. Woods watched on his screen then looked down at his controls. He looked across at the drone’s weapon status. “Empty” flashed back at him. There was nothing he could do. Or was there?

With the comms still down he needed to get a message to McCallum to get the hell out of there. McCallum looked at the drone, looked at the flashlight on the side. The flashing catching his attention. Expect it wasn’t randomly flashing. It was morse code! Three simple letters. R…U…N……run!

Then it struck McCallum like a hammer. The AB drones are equipped with a self destruct to prevent falling into enemy hands. With the drone out of ammo Woods was going to detonate it! He run passed the PHR soldier, passed the drone and into the passage way. By this time the PHR solider was on his feet. He picked up his weapon and levelled it at the drone. Woods was watching on the screen. He couldn’t wait any longer and just hoped McCallum was clear. His figure hovered over the detonate button. Then he pushed it!

The explosion ripped through the C&C and through the Ice Station. Nearly taking the roof off! The blast lifted McCallum into the air and dumped him in the snow………

………..McCallum’s vision soon started to come back. His head hurt, in fact his whole body hurt.
“Boss…..Boss..” came the sounds
“Major!…..McCallum….are you Ok?” Came Woods’s voice.
McCallum laid on his back and looked up into Woods’s face.
“I’ve given you a shot of that GX gel stuff. Should start feeling better in a jiffy”
McCallum could feel the pain subsiding and his strength returning as it revitalised him.
“That was quite a big you did. Give me more of a warning next time” he says.

Woods looks down and smiles. He was about to say something when a muted sound hit Woods. Blood spurred out from his neck and Woods fell forward into McCallum!
McCallum rolled Woods onto his back, their positions now changed. He looks up and sees a figure and then a sense of dread. The RDF Trooper stood grinning back at him.
“Nice day to go killing RDF filth” he says, in his usual malicious way.
He raised his snug nosed pistol straight at McCallum and pulled the trigger!

To be continued…..


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