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I think I buy miniatures because of my love for action figures as a kid.

It is difficult to put a price on art, especially competitive art.  Miniature companies have to carve out new markets all the time I imagine.  There are a lot of hidden costs (sculpting, mailing, cursing) that buyers never see.  They wait at the door for their package to arrive.  People will haggle over the most ridiculous things.

I think AB, Crom’s Anvil, and Nordic Weasel stuff is fairly priced, and I have invested in both.

My question is:  Michael, Do you make a living from selling miniatures, or do you have another job?  I hope that’s not too personal.  I am a high school teacher.  It seems like such an interesting way to make money.  I met a man at my daughter’s soccer game whose daughter is in the same class as mine at school.  He sells ahem, feminine hair removal products for women’s more sensitive areas.  What a strange business to be in.