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Ok, here we s my stab at the French. I am interested in doing them myself and eventually.  My limited understanding was the platoon leader could shuffle troops around sections as needed, ie concentrate his rifle grenade launchers.

Here’s how I would do it, if we are lucky someone with better knowledge will chime in.


April 1916 – October 1917

1 bombing squad

1 chauchat squad (as Lewis squad)

2 rifle squads with additional option for rifle grenade attack with D3 damage


October 1917-October 1918

2 x bombing squads

2 x chauchat / gl squads, which may fire as a Lewis Section OR a gl   Section. Don’t forget that rifle grenades ignore overhead cover, but do d6-1 damage while the chauchet gets the -1 to hit, so depends on your tactical situation


how does that sound?