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John D Salt

I only used it for polishing up the brass on my 38 webbing when I was a navy cadet 40+ years ago, but, assuming they still make it, is there any reason not to use Dura-Glit? All the best, John.

Been there done that John, that’s what I would use.

A little googlage reveals that it still exists, although Duraglit (one word, it seems) is now a mere subtitle to the name Brasso. I’m sure Brasso and Duraglit used to be different things — Duraglit a wadding and Brasso a liquid, I thought — but not any more. Brasso certainly goes back a long way, as in the song chorus:

“Shine up your buttons with Brasso,
It’s only three-ha’pence a tin;
You can buy it or nick it from Woolworth’s,
But I doubt if they’ve got any in.”

All the best,