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I’ve read a couple of overviews of the rules and glanced through the text once.  I have to agree that Airfix Battles is not really an intro game.  I think some of us forgot what an intro game is supposed  to look like. 😉

My son likes Memoir OK.  I happily play it with him on occasion when he wants to play a game.  We tried out OHW when he was 7 or 8 (I don’t remember which) and the scenario was a Dark Age fight.  His comment was that he did not like that once you got into a fight you nothing else really happened until something was destroyed.  I was thinking “So it does simulate Dark Age Battles well!”

The OHW WW2 rules work well.  As well try out The Portable Wargame and Developing the Portable Wargame.  Both can be had from Lulu.  Those are some fine wargame rules and can be adapted to various periods without too many modifications.


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