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Darkest Star Games

I would change the name and also get rid of that photo of John Oliver that you insist on using as an avatar.

That almost cost me a keyboard, the funny caught me off guard.  Well done!

As said above, only ditch the name if it’ll cause confusion.  If the new owner of the line will not be using the AB name, then I think you need to weigh what you think the impact of the Angel Barracks name really is.  Do you feel it carries weight within the hobby and is worth keeping for recognition?  Does it have any bad-blood attached that may be worth shaking off?  What do you see yourself attaching to that name at a later date?


And let me tell you, never underestimate the damage a little name confusion can do.

Fun fact: DSG was originally going to be called “Square One Games” (because I was starting a new career and business from scratch after the economy went into the toilet).  Was registered, licensed, had logos and website all done up, and even some shirts ordered for me for when I go to Conventions.  Then I started getting barraged by lawyers and creditors that were after a smartphone game company that was DBA “Square 1 Games” that did not appear on the title search.  Was quite messy, and even though it all had nothing to do with me I still ended up having to pay about $2,500 in court costs just to prove it wasn’t me and I had nothing to do with any of that mess.  So, new name and licenses, etc (still no shirts though…)  In the end, name recognition can be a great thing, especially if it is associated with positive vibes.  But go the other way and it’s a pain in the rumpus!

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