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You need to narrow it down a bit, as 16th Army existed throughout the war & it’s likely that many divisions passed through the OOB during that time..



16th Army:

VII Corps: 36th Infantry Division, 68th Infantry Division
XIII Corps :10th Infantry Division, 15th Infantry Division, 17th Infantry Division
XXIII Corps: 26th Infantry Division, 34th Infantry Division, 58th Infantry Division,76th Infantry Division


German Sixteenth Army, Colonel General Ernst Busch

II Corps – General of Infantry Walter von Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt: 12th Infantry Division – Lt.Gen. Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach, 32nd Infantry Division – Lt.Gen. Wilhelm Bohnstedt, 121st Infantry Division – Lt.Gen. Otto Lancelle
X Corps – General of Infantry Christian Hansen: 30th Infantry Division – Lt.Gen. Kurt von Tippelskirch, 126th Infantry Division – Lt.Gen. Paul Laux
XXVIII Corps – General of Infantry Mauritz von Wiktorin: 122nd Infantry Division – Lt.Gen. Siegfried Macholz, 123rd Infantry Division – Lt.Gen. Walter Lichel

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