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Also…  I did buy some of these trenches from 3d Corp to try out.  I love their craters as seen in my pics, but I will give them a dry brushing.  the trenches are scaled for 15mm, and are about 30mm wide on the interior, but I think they will work.   My normal infantry bases are 40mm x 20mm and some of my heavy weapons are on 25mm rounds.

Going to do some experimentation and post the results when I get a chance. Trenches need a nice drybrush too.  The lengths are a bit longer than I would have liked between traverses, so I might assume a bit of abstraction and limit line of sight to 6″ along a trench so attacking down a trench is assault combat.  Bombers still get to attack over and around traverses with no penalty.

Of the experiment fails, these Supreme Littleness ones. look good and I wish I had found them first!