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Well, my Baueda castle arrived!

It’s very nice, though it will need a bit of work to get ‘square’, which is fine.

My idea is that I’ll glue the walls facing ‘out’ on the edge of one board, with another board (the one with the road that I’m sculpting on) slotting underneath. This means I’ll have a flat board with a road on (to place the town or ruins around), a board that I can populate for the ‘inside’ of the walls (i.e. the other board) then slot the two together and play outside the walls (if that makes sense to anyone except me!!).

Basically, there’ll only be glue on the left hand board connection in this image:

When I texture my board I’ll need to be careful not to make the texture that will go underneath the wall overlap on the removeable board too thick.

I’m worried this is a mad idea!