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Hello Guy,

I have put a fuller review on Amazon, but as a really basic summary:

I thought there were a few really insightful bits (for me, on soldier load (or the lack of it), non-combat pathways to success (or the lack of them))

There were some very interesting sections about the historical application of wargaming in the military and for political strategy

The bits on designing wargames of various kinds were okay, but generally much inferior to Phil Sabin’s books

I quite enjoyed a couple of quite random bits – I liked the chapters on RPG combat systems and the history of Games Workshop.

Some were grounded in “critical studies”; some were okay, some were a real slog together.  Left-wing politics suffused it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing of itself, but in the end I found it both a bit relentless and worse, unconvincing.

So all-in-all, it was interesting about the subject of wargaming, particularly for real-world purposes, but much less relevant for hobby gaming, especially miniature gaming.