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Excellent high command stand, Graham! Though,as a Yank (or should that be “Reb”?) I was at first a little non-plussed by “Confederate”.

I’m always looking for ways to get more variety in these things. I have the OG Mounted Generals pack, but they don’t do any dismounted. I take it these are the Dismounted Command Tricorn figures from the Pendraken LoA range? I wasn’t aware of them, so thanks for bringing them to my attention.

As a matter of fact, when I lamented the lack of dismounted French Dragoons for WSS from either OG or Pendraken on a TMP thread,  Leon came on and pointed out that the LoA line had them.  I should have been looking through his catalog more closely (though Leon was gentleman enough not to mention that)!

Some of my Generals are going to be appearing in the field with more of the creature comforts to which they are accustomed, to include a softer seat and favorite mistresses and various hangers-on, courtesy of the Carriage and Civilians packs.

BTW,in browsing through the Pendraken site, I see they have a couple of casualty packs. One from the AWI range:

And a Dead Horse pack from the Napoleonics range:

Very useful for markers.

And thanks for the tips on BP. I’d certainly agree on limits for wheeling  units. Linear warfare was clumsy at best; trying to maneuver batallions without even cadenced marching must have been a nightmare.

EDIT: Aha– I see Pendraken have put up pics of the carriage and civilians:

I doubt my attempt on the carriage will come up to that level– for those who might be interested, note that it’s one solid lump of lead,so painting will be a challenge, at least for me.

Though I’ll venture a prediction that, if someone hasn’t already done so, a 10mm carriage in kit form will be appearing in the future, as this scale grows in popularity, and increases in range and detail.  Anyone else remember when the faces on 15mm figures were featureless blobs with a bump in the middle?