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I’ve been looking for the right striped fabric for awnings for years. I have some blue and white striped fabric but no red. I don’t like the look of printed paper.

If you don’t mind painting them yourself then aluminium (the thicker sort used in take away containers etc) or lead (some wine bottle tops) foil makes for very nice ‘fabric’. Thin, takes and holds a crease & easy to work with.

That’s what Jack of Lazy Forger fame told me he uses (or modellers ‘brass’ sheeting, which is very similar), can be shaped like cloth really well. I’ve also seen (somewhere, sorry to whoever it was) dried out babywipes (oven baked) soaked in PVA used really effectively.

I’m with @oldben1 too – a really good Djinn, maybe some other ‘desert’ themed monsters would be great (especially as all my plans seem to be heading towards a sort of ‘Witcher but set in the desert’ theme).