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A lot has to do with how long each turn represents. 15 or 30 minute turns give Ney quite a lot of time to bash the outnumbered Dutch-Belgians before help arrives. Short turns allow the French to wield tighter control than was possible in the real thing and I believe is why so many wargames set in this short campaign yield French victories.


I’ve played  QB with Volley and Bayonet and later a home-brewed set of rules that both used hourly turns. It gives you a whole lot more respect for Ney. Picton and Brunswick show up during the second hour. If the French move first (IGO-UGO) that gives them two turns to paste the Dutch-Belgians. Then the numbers are nearly equal. True, the French still have the better force but the situation has changed drastically and yet more reinforcements are on the way. Guiton’s 800 cuirassiers are no match for the 12,000+ troops of Alten’s and Cooke’s divisions. Within a few hours the Anglo-Dutch outnumber the French by 50%. That’s a tough situation in any rules set. If your game expects to represent the whole fight, not just the opening rounds, the French have a hard time later on.


As for the One Hour Wargames scenario, the total defending force (after all reinforcements have arrived) is equal in numbers to the attacking force.

So I’d say give the French some points for being at the crossroads any time during the game, to prod the French player into attacking. Also points for either side being able to send units in good shape off the road to Ligny. There is also the strange event: Wellington appears from the road to Ligny after the battle starts, fresh from his meeting with Blucher. That always led to a mad scramble in our games as the Duke avoided French cavalry.

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