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I hope no one’s going to expect me to defend FoG. They got some things right. I like the idea of 2 separate rounds of combat, Impact & Melee, where the fundamental differences in some troop types can be seen. For example, Gauls charge strongly & have an advantage in Impact but tend to fade in lengthy combats hence their poorer showing in Melee.

However, the nature of FoG as a tournament set of rules has caused the aspects that many dislike. I think in an effort to create a set that would defeat rules-lawyers & their ilk, the designers produced something quite dour. And, as I indicated, the poorly written rule book is only less opaque than the DBA set of rules.

You can look at us & FoG as the participants in a bad marriage (mine, I rush to say is an excellent one). The two participants have a long standing relationship & know the best & worst of each other. There’s sporadic outbreaks of bad language as frustration sometimes mounts. They may be better off apart but are staying together for the sake of the kids (the figures are all organised & based for FoG).