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Jose Manuel Moreno

Greetings friends,

We are in last 48 hours, and just couldn’t let so many backers, so much feedback and so much support go unrewarded. So, we want to give all of you who have backed this amazing project a GIFT.

We are going to unlock ALL stretch goals to $100,000 right now!

We are confident about unlocked the social stretch goals, but we still need your help to do it!

Furhtermore, we are really excited to announce that creators of “Normandy, The Beginning of the End” and Bart de Groot has teamed up to develop the VASSAL version of the game!
The module, still under development, is almost ready to go. It features most of the common characteristics of a Vassal module and it also includes most of the game´s singularities, many of them automatized to allow a fluid experience with your friends online.

Spread the word, share, retweet, and like the posts so we can unlock all the social SGs too!

Thanks for your continuous support!