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Onward and upward with ‘Squad Hammer’ skirmishing. in the first game we based the figures on them 1-6 rotating casualty markers which was a bit fiddly, this time we went for recording hits on a D6 which followed each figure about. Not a big fan of this, as having dices all over the place, looks scruffy. However it works, and seeing the hits visibly multiply on yer targets, adds to morale and excitement!

This scenario had a senior UK politician hiding in the Bongolian capital from marauding Simbas who wanted a head on a stick. all went spiffingly as, spotting the rescue party, headed by the gallant Major Harry Faversham the senior UK politician shot their way from the church… knee deep in dead Simbas! Here’s the piccys…

The Gallant Major Harry Faversham…

The Iron Lady. Maggie was a bit of a 22 Regiment groupie so we gave her the ‘excellent firepower’ trait to reflect the training they gave her. Being a Diplomat (!!!) her shooter is concealed behind her back.

TBW certainly put the training to good use!!!

Come on Maggie, good old Blighty’s this way!


"Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

"I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"