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I have tried it several times, but almost invariably return to multiple scales, usually because I move to a new area and have to conform to local gamers’ preferences. It would be easier if I played solo and just pleased myself, but I don’t get on with solo gaming at all. The other reason for using multiple scales is that I get different things from the different scales. 6mm is fantastic for massed battles, while 15mm suits skirmishing very well. I’ve tried 6mm skirmishing and plan to try the rampant series in 6mm, but I struggle to identify with individually-based 6mm figures, so I prefer 15mm for that. Then there is the issue of not being able to represent all the troop types you want to in one of the smaller scales. If I gamed only 28mm, I feel like I would be spoilt for choice, but the smaller scales still lack many of the character figures, although that situation is improving.

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