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Norm S

I have storage and game table size limitations. I know the smaller scale is good for me ……. but oooh, I do like 20mm WWII and 28mm other things.

However things came to a head and practicalities do win out, so I sold off all the mid scale stuff (15mm) and resolved to stick with the 10mm / 12mm scales, with the real benefit being that one scale terrain and small scale at that, gives the greatest relief to the storage monster.

You will notice that the above paragraph cleverly avoids saying that the 20mm / 28mm stuff went, which of course it should have done. Instead, it is efficiently packed away in boxes ….. waiting to go!  but I keep on getting a few pieces out and admiring them and it is a tough call!

The ultimate truth is that either the 20/28 goes or the 10/12 goes – one of them must …Oh Dear!