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I’m not an anglophile and don’t see Wellington as the Second Coming, but he was definitely one of the best British army commanders. 

Which depends on how good the domestic completion was and how we should rate him against the foreign competition.


In answer to your last question, I don’t think there is any good basis for forming an objective conclusion to a question like this.   It is just a matter of opinion.

Well, debates about Patton/Monty can become very opinionated, hence my preference for some objectivity.   The claim that Monty is slow and Patton fast is somewhat undermined by actual analysis of their advances across France in September.


Here are a few angles you could look at it from:

So has anybody done such studies?  Looks like a very useful list.


They were both dreadful politicians, if that helps.

Probably not and I thought much of Europe ran for decades afterwards on the CODE NAPOLEON so he must have had some positive attributes in this regard, which Wellington does not seem to be able to claim.


Since you don’t know much about the period (and the endless, pointless arguments it inspires) I’ll give you a quick breakdown. 

Very helpful.


There are more books written about Napoleon than about Christ, which is sorta weird frankly, but it does give one a sense of how polarizing of a topic he is.

Hyperbole; this is trolling!!  However, I take your point that the Amazon has been much reduced by the volume of writings about him.


I have toyed with the idea of writing an essay call “The four Wars of Napoleon”.

Essay or book; sounds an excellent idea.