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Hello Hammurabi70,

I am not sure why you chose Kings War rather than Unhappy King Charles, perhaps a factor of personal availability

Yes, entirely that.

Is it a straight replay of KW with tactical battles resolved on the tabletop?

Pretty much.  I have made some very minor changes to accommodate the interface between the tabletop game and the board game and a some other minor changes to accommodate it being played solitaire.

I have only played POLEMOS once, long ago, and did not enjoy the experience so I cannot comment on your queries but do wonder why you have chosen to use them.

I like them in general – I play quite a lot of Polemos Napoleonics and Polemos SPQR too.  I like lots of Phil Barker’s rules so I would be happy to give DBR a try, except that would require re-basing since I can’t think how I would use my existing combined pike and shot bases to play them.  I can’t think of anything else out there that really appeals.  I might get round to playing Basic Baroque, I guess.  And that conversion of To the Strongest.  Any other recommendations?