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A topic that interests me, so has enough time elapsed for an update on this?

We have a problem, Houston.

Our little group has a fellow whose absolute favourite period is the ACW. He’s travelled to the US for battlefield tours, got a huge (unpainted) collection of figures, every book you can think of etc.

But he freezes with gaming the period. Everything has got to be perfect. It’s the period he doesn’t want to compromise on. I could be snarky & add he’s an engineer with all that entails.

One of my other pals & I sneakily painted up a couple of ACW armies  with the idea that we could kickstart gaming. His response was we don’t have the right terrain (we don’t). He likes both rule sets & says we should use both before choosing. I’ve refrained from saying, “When????”

Said pal is a great guy. He’s fully involved in everything else we do & we game quite a few other periods (Bronze Age, Punics, Dark Ages, SYW, Naps, Colonials etc).

I guess I could start making metres of snake-fencing & buy some Plantation Houses & the Dunker Church model but I think it would prove another false start. I don’t want to upset him as he is a pal & an asset. I’ll get back to you with our choice of rules but don’t hold your proverbial.