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Peter Wilson is a first class historian and I think very reliable. He is probably the best writer in English at the moment on this war. But his battle descriptions in Europe’s Tragedy are mainly overviews as it is a relatively small book covering the whole war.

Daniel Staberg is a possible very promising potential author but as yet has not written anything. He has been working on the ‘definitive’ account of this battle for sometime. But as has been mentioned this will not provide all the details we as gamers might like, for the simple reason that they just don’t exist.

I don’t think Staberg is dismissive of everything non Swedish but of much of the information out there used by English historians and thus by gamers. For this era and really up to around the SYW era much of the history in English is not good and many of the details are unknown or misunderstood. A lot of the time you can’t just ‘push the research’ on to someone else as it is a complicated matter of piecing together bits and pieces, hints, half suggestions, etc. There simply are not nice clear texts telling you everything, again up to around the SYW.

On this era, and why the Swedish stuff is less easy to dismiss, the best information we have in English comes from Swedish sources and so what we in the English speaking world is ‘less wrong’ about them than others.