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I have to say the Corlears Hook Fencibles discovered Bloody Big Battles 3 years ago and it scratches our grand-tactical black powder itch. We have played the Shiloh scenario 6 times, 2 Confederate victories, 1 tie and 3 Union wins. I chalk up one CSA win to the Union player losing a personal morale test. I thought it was still 50/50. No other set of rules I have tried gives us the whole battle in one evening and keeps it a cliff hanger. The other grand tactical Shiloh scenarios I’ve played have the Union player nervous at first but calmed down by noon on the first day.


Aside from Shiloh we played Gettysburg (once), First Bull Run (3 times), Champion Hill (twice), Chickamauga (twice) and the Wilderness (twice), enjoying them all. Only Gettysburg took us more than one evening. We weren’t disciplined enough to run it in 4 hours.


If you must have individual regiments and batteries or have different factors for Burnside rifles than Spencers, these rules are not for you. But if you want a full battle in an evening with results that make sense, try them. Basic units in BBB can be brigades or divisions, sometimes two small divisions combined into one unit. Artillery tends to be battalions of 12-24 guns, sometimes even more as the troop scale varies by scenario.

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