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Guy Farrish


‘Bricoles’ is a very poor joke from an ancient rambling fight on the Napoleonic Boards at TMP where people were arguing essentially for the sake of arguing about something that didn’t matter. I apologise for dragging it in here.

I  am really looking forward to Daniel producing a full account. He has produced some amazing stuff on the various forums.

I understand the problems with sources not existing despite our desire that they do – see my comments re Mohacs elsewhere on TWW- this board I think.

I’m fascinated now where the Croats chasing the Saxons comes from – I don’t think its from Monro and its not in Poyntz  – but lots of people mention it – which on reflection, even if it is true doesn’t mean they started off with Furstenberg on the right, just they had moved there by that stage of the battle. Hmm.

Lutzen looks good – I hadn’t realised it had been published yet – off to buy a copy!

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