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If the extent of your project is the four pieces you have already purchased then I would suggest marking off your squares with a sharpie from each of the corners of the sheet of polystyrene. Use a snap off blade knife with blade extended and cut trying to maintain a right angle. The important thing is that the top side of each square is the correct size and well, square. Use the rest of the polystyrene to insulate your car in case the Beast from the East tries to grab you again. You’ve got me wanting to try the Terra-Formers myself.

If all goes well, then I intend to get more squares – the polystyrene I bought is 600mm x 2400mm, so that should be enough for 16 squares, but I expect that, given my normal attempts to cut straight lines, I’ll be lucky to get 14 …

However, having spent 6.5 hours travelling around 24 miles last Thursday to get home, perhaps insulating the car is not such a bad idea!

Back to the project … unfortunately a bout of ill health, combined with daughter’s birthday, has meant I’ve made no further progress yet.

I have also encountered a stumbling block – the polarity of the magnets. I have (currently) 3 ideas on this.

  1. Do 1 square with all north poles out, the next with all south poles out. This will mean that half the squares will stick to the other half in any combination
  2. On each square, on 2 sides, put both magnets north pole out and the other 2 sides, south pole out. With this configuration all the tiles would adhere to each other, but with only 2 combinations …
  3. Don’t use the magnets at all, so none of the tiles adhere, but all the tiles can be in any configuration …

1+2 limit the possible combinations of the tiles, while 3 removes one of the advantages of the whole system – resulting in a £7.50 protective frame for the polystyrene …

Any other combinations that I’ve missed that occur to anyone?