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Thanks, DSG.

This has been a major disappointment to me.  The rumor is that someone has bought the license and is considering continuing with the line.  If that is true, that would be great, but I’m not holding out hope.

I had shelved the project out of frustration with the situation.  Now that things are no longer in question, I feel a sort of relief and that has me interested in picking things up again and getting some 3d printed models to fill in the blanks.

However, the reality is that my hobby time has diminished significantly and I am not able to get in as much painting or dice rolling as I used to be able to up until a few months ago.  When I do sit down to paint, it’s for my Judge Dredd project or for Cthulhu Wars.  I’m not sure when I’d be able to resume Robotech.

As a Robotech fan since the 80’s, this game was like THE GAME that I wanted to dedicate my time to.  I really enjoyed building the models (even though I know many/most people didn’t) and working on the terrain elements.  I had big plans for the project.  The poor handling and the mismanagement really put a damper on my enthusiasm.