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I have used the ‘Last Stand’ setting quite a bit, a few years back we did a couple of shows with The Alamo in 20mm, using the Imex figures mostly. The twist being that the players were the commanders of Mexican regiments vying for glory but trying to keep their forces reasonably intact to curry favour with El Presidente,Santa Anna.

The Zulu campaigns have provided scenarios too……..my favourite being ‘Zulu Run’, where a small group of soldiers have to journey from table end to table end, pursued by an ever reinforced Zulu force whilst dodging the ‘horns of the buffalo’ that randomly emerge along the table edges…….some players decided to make last stands to attempt to fight the Zulus off…others ran and ran only to tire and fall to overwhelming numbers. The best result was a successful fire and movement manoeuvre with the flanks protected by the mounted officers using their revolvers and sabres to fend off the nearing warriors…..

We transferred Rorkes Drift to the Eastern Front once too…….a German unit isolated in a farm attacked by Soviet partisans……..and Sci-Fi bug games are similar!


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