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Rod Robertson

The Battle of Roncevaux in the 8th Century between Pyrenees Basque hill folk and a rear-guard of Charlemagne’s army is a game which I have played before. But I have never been satisfied with the table-top terrain nor the figures for the Basques. So a battle with great terrain and legit Basque figures is on my bucket list.

Another battle which could be seen as a last stand, by both sides, was the 1rst Century BCE Battle of Alesia, which I have played sections of in miniature. A larger more comprehensive game in miniature which captures the full flavour of the whole battle has been a pipe-dream of mine for more than forty years but is impractical at 15mm scale I think. I even scratch-built about 12 linear feet of modularĀ field works before I realised that I was too deep in over my head. I only painted about a third of it for smaller scale games.

I have played the June 7th, 1944 battles at Authie and Buron both separately and as part of a larger battle in both 15mm and 6mm, but again have never been satisfied with the terrain and in this case urban terrain mechanics. While Authie was a last stand Buron was not one in the strictest sense.

The Battle for Mont Lambert by the North Nova Scotia Highlanders, just south of the channel port of Boulogne was a German last stand where the Canadians as part of Operation Wellhit used Defrocked Priest Kangaroo APC’s, AVRE’s, Crocodile Churchills and other specialised Funnies to root out German defenders. While I have played one game where it in part played a tangential role in the action (the armoured rush to the port), I have always wanted to do the action on the hill as a stand alone battle. Again terrain difficulties and a lack of heavy guns, fortifications and field works has prevented me from doing this game. But I really want to. Table size is another problem too.

Finally the ill-fated 1944 Battle of Hill 140 where the tanks of the British Columbia Regiment under Col. Worthington were all but wiped out by the Germans in France is a game which I think qualifies as a last stand. Again I’ve played it in whole at 6mm and in part at 15mm but have never been satisfied with the terrain and its role in the battle. Table scale is also a problem given the long range fire of the German tanks and guns so even at 6mm scale spatial bath-tubbing had to occur despite using a 12′ X 8′ table for the game.


Rod Robertson.