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Dave Crowe

Yes, I’d have to say Scotia collectair 1:300 scale planes are really excellent. The vast majority of what’s on display here is from Scotia Grendel. And all of my USAAF and most of my Soviets too are Scotia.

The only others are from Museum miniatures- Defiants, Fulmars, Fw190D, Bf 110, the Blenheim MkI and the big He111 (I think they’re a little on the larger side of 1:300)

I’ve also got some randoms from ebay I’m not sure of. Most havn’t made the gallery yet.  I’m also working on a batch from H&R right now that I’m very excited about.

But still I’d say Scotia are my go-to supplier for this project. Their selection is HUGE! The quality is excellent, sculpts are top notch (and easier to paint I’ve found. the deeper lines make for better detail) and they don’t cost the earth and they usually deliver fast.

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