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The 5 of us in our little group are white & male. The other common threads are we are professionals & hence, have spare cash, and a military background (not me).

I’ve lots of female friends who regard my hobby as a bit of a joke. And who’s to say they’re not right? My 24 year old daughter has long called my pals, “the girls” or “dad’s girlfriends”.

My male friends from different ethnic groups also don’t show much more than polite interest in what is, after all, a vary narrow & slightly odd niche hobby.

To be honest, I’d think a lack of diversity in employment or other social structures would be an issue needing urgent attention. But because we’re a bunch of white male faces leaning over a wargames’ table (who do NOT dissuade women or other ethnics from joining in), I can’t see much to get concerned over.